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Wow, can’t believe its spring once again…how the Universe speeds us thru time today. Throughout my life, especially when I was younger Spring meant shedding the winter clothes, melting piles of remaining snow turned ugly with cinders and debris, longer, warmer days and of course the oncoming summer with all it’s fun and

Alaska in the spring is alive!

Alaska in the spring is alive!

sun and vacations and maybe romances. As I’ve matured both physically and spiritually I’ve come to feel the passing of seasons very differently. They not only mark the physical passage of time in my life but have me connected in different ways to the magic of the Universe and Mother Earth. Spring is a very powerful Season, at least for me. It’s a time when a slumbering energy is waking up and bringing renewal to all the inhabitants of our Earth. Flowers bloom, trees leaf out, rain comes, sunshine increases. All without any help from us…amazing.

I know for me that as the days start to lengthen even imperceptibly in late December and early January that there is a spiritual as well as physical shift in my energy and my consciousness. I believe we all feel these shifts but sometimes don’t truly understand the power in them that connects us with each other and with every single thing on this earth and in this universe.

As a spiritual being having a human experience I truly embrace all that this season of renewal brings to our world and me. I am blessed to connect even more deeply when I leave the prickly energy of the metro areas and go to Alaska where there is little manmade static and this connectedness is so profound.
With the fast pace of our lives today it is so easy for these magical times in our lives to slip by unnoticed. We are so busy “connecting” with each other on Facebook, Internet, tweets, TV and movies that we utterly fail to recognize and embrace the real power…. Spirit, Nature or whatever you choose to call it.

My hope for all of you as another season blossoms in our lives is that you make an effort to spend more time connecting with nature and the power of your spirit. Leave behind, when you venture into this great space, your I Phones, headsets, computers and all the busy thoughts. Allow yourself to be renewed and refreshed in those times Give yourself the gift of the peace that comes knowing that you are a powerful spiritual being and it all comes from inside us when we connect with our source.



Alaska Journey 2012

Hi All,

It’s been so long since I posted and I’m glad to be back. I will be posting on a regular basis and hope you’ll follow along. Since starting the Alaska Adventures segment of More to Your Life it had been my desire to immerse myself more deeply into the Alaskan culture hence my decision beginning in 2012 to spend the summer months up north. I moved out of my apartment, put most of my belongings in storage, loaded the rest of my gear, kayak and bicycle in my Subaru and headed out on May 13th.

It was quite an advneture driving the 3400 miles, seeing the vast changes in landscape, weather, traffice and the personalities of the people in the various areas in which I traveled. The large cities and countryside in the lower 48 and into and thru Canada were very similar in traffic, agriculture, industry and  the energy of the people. It was fascinating to watch and feel the changes as I moved north and west into British Columbia and the Yukon territories.The landscape went from flat and agricultural to moutainous, rugged, absolutley breathtaking beautiful terrain. The population lessend, traffic got thinner and less frantic and the people more grounded and peacful, that slower movement that makes the wilderness and semi wilderness so remakably special.

I got to see the beautiful Canadian Rockies, a wide range of wildlife including black bears, Bison and extremly large species of moose, especailly in the Yukon Territitories. It was a special treat to hike trails along the famous Yukon River just outside of Whitehorse and get a small taste of the historical develpoment of that area following the dicovery of gold back in the late 1800’s.

The trip took me about 12 days with some stops along the way. I stayed in some very unique places such as the Toad River Inn and met some fantasticly interesting people. It never ceases to amaze me that no matter the geograhical separation of folks how simlilar we all are at our cores. While we are driven by different needs and desires , living our lives at differnt levles we all are connected thru  Spirit and Universal Energy.

For those that live in the cities with the concrete and steel, the nonstop lifestyle, stresses of the workplace it is so important to get into nature and experience that connection, that oneness with Spirit. It so puts everything in perspective when we’re able to see and feel the significence of our being so insignificent. It is wonderful to see and feel that which we can’t connect with  in the cities and suburbs; the world in perfect balance.

I’m looking forward to continuing my summer adventure in the coming weeks and to your comments. We are already booking our Alaska Adventure trips for 2013 and will be posting itineraries soon. New activities for 2013 include whitewate raft trip thru Keystone Canyoi and hiking on the Worthington Glacier. Our standard offerings of kayaking, camping and fishing will all be availble as well. I’ll let you know when the new picutures from 2102 have been posted.

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Nov. 17th 2010

“The seasons pass but they never change” Julie Miller

Greetings everyone,

I hope this finds you all well. I find it hard to believe that it’s already late fall and that the holiday season is here. I’ve always welcomed each season and cycle of Nature as they have entered my life.

I love spring with its promise of renewal and the excitement of the beautiful blooming of life. There is always that expectation of new opportunities, new relationships, summer romance and the seeming rebirth of the energy and goodness of the Universe.

Summer comes in with its long warm sunny days, gentle showers and we revel in the outdoors and reconnecting with nature. We shed our warm clothes for the freedom of shorts and sandals, swimming suits, water sports and barbeques. We long for it to remain as the season moves inexorably in its natural order.

Then one day the days are shorter the nights longer and the temperatures cooler. I find excitement in this time as well as in the spring and summer but it’s not the same. It is a quieter more peaceful type of energy. For me it’s a time of reflection. A time to look inward and feel the comfort of a warm house and chili instead of air conditioning and salad. A time to read, relax and recharge and get ready for the winter months that will follow with that reassuring certainty that is the order of the Universe

As we move towards winter I begin to look forward to the first snow falls and the power of the first heavy winter storm that reminds me how small we all are in the scheme of life.

As the opening line of the blog says the seasons pass but they never change. In this fast paced uncertain world, that can leave us feeling so vulnerable, somehow that is extremely reassuring. It should serve as a reminder that each of us in on a special journey with our own personal divine purpose to be fulfilled, or not.

The seasons teach us, gently, to flow as they do, from one time to another, being awakened and reawakened, nurturing, accepting and reflecting. Truly most of what we want in life is already here…be present and grateful for we have been granted the gifts of the Seasons.

Hi friends, if you’re reading this you’ll notice that our web site has been completely redone, trust you’re enjoying all that we’ve designed to add to the excitement of your journey with MORE.

I met my friend Kim at Starbucks on Memorial Day. She and her children were getting drinks as they prepared to watch the parade that would soon pass on the street outside.  I, forgetting there was a parade, stopped by to get ice water for my bike ride.

Being the chatty Cathy I am we enjoyed a short conversation. We shared a few laughs and the outcome was Kim giving me her email address so we could chat at a later time. We reconnected several weeks later and as we became acquainted I learned of Kim’s expertise in marketing and her contacts in web design and other services.

After a lot of talking and getting together Kim and her crew were retained by me to update and create a new image for More to Your Life. Hiring her for this  may not seem like much of an occasion to some  but the interesting thing is,  the first person I used to design my site I also met in Starbucks and was chatting with  her for a long time also before we entered into an agreement to work together.

Coincidence? I think not. I have been looking back at all the people I have met in this coffee shop since I moved my office upstairs from it in 1995. I originally did not go to Starbucks because I really didn’t like the coffee. Truth be told except for the instant Via they sell it’s still not my favorite brew.

Since venturing into this special place I have made friends that have influenced and altered my life and have even had the blessing to be a positive impact on others. I’ve met folks that are having amazingly wonderful events taking place in their lives and others with serious health or financial challenges, relationship issues and so on.

I am no longer amazed at the connections I make with others as I continue my daily visits to this place. I am so aware today of the Spiritual energy that is present in all our lives that allows us to have these beautiful, marvelous experiences that I anticipate something new on each visit and I’m rarely disappointed.

What is amazing to me is how many of us pass these encounters off as chance, coincidence, fate etc. or worse don’t pay any attention to them at all, never realizing the powerful interaction that maybe about to or has just taken place. We meet, there is some exchange and we’re off to the next thing that needs to get done, place we need to go to etc,

Opportunities are missed every single moment of every single day in this way. We ask the Universe or our God for help, for new jobs for new friends for a lover and then walk right past the possible answer being put in front of us. We’re so busy being busy that we have no AWARENESS of what’s taking place around us and most certainly for us.

So my friends as you move through your busy life may I encourage you to be present in it: Be aware of the countless opportunities that are placed before you each day that are designed just for you, to enhance and enrich your life, and  for you to touch others in positive and meaningful ways.

Embrace these encounters for the gifts they are to everyone.



July 18th 2010

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by and visiting More to Your Life. With summer officially in full swing I hope that everyone is living these gorgeous once in a lifetime days to the fullest.

I used to be so caught up in all the things that I felt were so important that it seemed like I would just blink and  summer would be over,  the leaves would be turning and another chapter in my life would have been written with not a lot of fun stuff to record on the pages.

I was reminded of that today as my friend and I were trying to get together for a visit. Her life is very busy with a new business venture, two active kids and the myriad of other stuff that constitutes life as most of us know it.

She sent me a message that said she would call as soon as she “got a grip on this day”. Does that ring a bell with any of you? It sure did with me. I used to spend half of my time trying to get a grip on the day and the rest of the time trying to figure out what to do if I got a grip. Kinda’ like a dog that chases a car and then one day catches one—oops, now what!!!!

It took some time and a lot of pain and discomfort for me to realize that I’m not supposed to “get a grip” on my day or for that matter much of anything else in my life.

What I feel I am supposed to do is to channel that energy that is so wasted in the “getting a grip” process into aligning myself and my energy with the Universe to achieve what I want to have happen in my day.

I don’t want to have to expend time and energy assuming that I’m at the mercy of whatever events are happening to me on this or any other day for that matter.We all feel at  one time or another that  pressure that there isn’t enough time to get it all done, that there will be all these negative consequences if we don’t etc etc.

I’ve learned that there is generally more time then we think we have and that when I align my energy things get done as they are supposed to and usually better then with me trying to force the outcome.

If you feel that this sounds like some of what is going on in your life I’ve got very good news: You don’t have to continue to live like that. You can learn to manage your energy and take an active part in how you live you life.

Drop us a note and we’ll be happy to talk with you about changes you can make that will result in much More to Your Life. Until next time,


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