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Tuning in Nature

I was reading an article in the paper the other day and it really struck home with me. The author was relating how, being tired of the noise and high energy of city living, he decided to move to a place that was in nature, quiet and peaceful.

However it wasn’t long before that peace was being interrupted with noise from hikers, bikers and others with their talking, singing and portable music makers. And guess what……….these folks are also getting away from the noise and high energy of the urban setting…or so they think.

It seems that we have become so accustomed to noise, visual stimulation and the chaos created by being constantly in touch with the world thru cell phone, computers and huge entertainment centers that we are not comfortable in their absence.

I was at my health club last year and after a workout decided to use the steam bath and relax. If you’re familiar with these you know they employ hot moist air to make you work up a sweat to loosen the muscles in a relaxing, quiet atmosphere. I was in there and relaxing for about two minutes when in came a man in his late twenties with nothing but a towel wrapped around him and anMP3 player plugged into his head with the sound way up! REALLY???

I spend a lot of my time hiking and biking the many trails in the Fox Valley area. It is rare to pass another biker or hiker who does not have a headset plugged into their ears. They are totally unaware of any activity or sound going on around them. They are oblivious to any warning that you are approaching and going to pass them which can get a little dicey when you surprise them or they suddenly decide to move into you’re path.

But the thing I find saddest is the adventure they are missing by shutting out the sounds and sights of the nature they are visiting. I say sights as well as sound because it’s difficult to focus on visual when you listening intently to something else. And many times it’s the sound of nature, a bird’s call or a rustling in the leaves that is needed to draw our attention to the miracles around us.

Alaska...Where I began to learn to be still

Alaska…Where I began to learn to be still

Sometimes I feel that many of us just can’t seem to be alone in our own company and with our own thoughts and feelings. It’s seems to make many of us uncomfortable…I know because there was a time when that’s exactly how I felt.

I had to begin to make some changes and one of the biggest changes was learning to go still inside…to shut out the chatter and static that surrounded me. A large part of this was going outdoors, looking, listening and feeling the energy and the miracle of nature.

One of the most amazing discoveries is that when you go into nature to be alone you come to realize that it is so alive in a totally different way that you are not alone at all.

We’re surrounded by living creatures, plants, water, color and smells that are so captivating that it’s difficult to head back to the what we’ve been taught is reality ……our day to day life.

If you see yourself anywhere in this writing then maybe it’s time to plan more nature into your schedule. It doesn’t happen, you have to make it happen. And when you head outdoors leave all the noisy stuff at home. Allow your self to feel, think and be…it’s an amazing journey.


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Bears and Us

Football season is upon us so why not talk about da Bears?
Of course, the kind I’m talking about are grizzlies. One of the first questions I’m usually asked by people who are considering coming to Alaska is “what about the bears” meaning of course what kind of danger will I be exposed to if I travel there?
My normal response is that the bears live here and as long as we all respect that and understand that we are visitors in their habitat there is really very little danger.

Whenever there is an incident where someone is injured or killed by a bear it is almost always the result of someone doing something they shouldn’t do or being someplace they shouldn’t be. There are attacks that seem to be unprovoked but they are fairly rare.

I’m certainly not as expert as some, but I’ve been coming to Alaska many years and have read many books on the subject, listened to others with a lot of experience and had my own encounters.

This year I’ve been given a number of opportunities to observe both grizzly and black bears in their environment. Most of these had one or two cubs and the mama grizzly I wrote about in a recent blog from last year had four yearlings.

They love to come down to the streams and waterfalls around Valdez to feed on the salmon that come here to spawn each year. I have been paying closer attention to their behavior this year as the moms protect and nurture the young ones during their feeding.

The mom’s main mission is food for herself but also she is teaching the cubs how to fish and it’s an incredible sight to see how they coax, lead and sometimes, as one did the other night, simply push the cubs into the water to find the fish.

I think the most important things for me or any visitor to the wilderness to remember is that wild animals in many ways are just like us. By that I mean they instinctively want to feel and be safe, they want to be able to feed and live in their environment without being harassed and they want to protect and raise their young. Sound familiar?? Pretty simple.

I’ve decided in the future that when asked the question “ what about the bears”? I will clearly let them know we won’t be watching television. Seriously, I think I will be sure to add that I hope they will get to observe these magnificent animals in their natural habitat when they visit. To experience first hand bears, moose, sea lions, seals, whales and birds is a joy and a privilege that not everyone gets to experience.

These encounters will create a lifetime of memories and hopefully give thrill seekers a new perspective and appreciation of wild animals…..as we like to say “only in Alaska

Mama grizzly teaching cub to catch salmon

Mama grizzly teaching cub to catch salmon

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Hi Folks,

Wow, can’t believe its spring once again…how the Universe speeds us thru time today. Throughout my life, especially when I was younger Spring meant shedding the winter clothes, melting piles of remaining snow turned ugly with cinders and debris, longer, warmer days and of course the oncoming summer with all it’s fun and

Alaska in the spring is alive!

Alaska in the spring is alive!

sun and vacations and maybe romances. As I’ve matured both physically and spiritually I’ve come to feel the passing of seasons very differently. They not only mark the physical passage of time in my life but have me connected in different ways to the magic of the Universe and Mother Earth. Spring is a very powerful Season, at least for me. It’s a time when a slumbering energy is waking up and bringing renewal to all the inhabitants of our Earth. Flowers bloom, trees leaf out, rain comes, sunshine increases. All without any help from us…amazing.

I know for me that as the days start to lengthen even imperceptibly in late December and early January that there is a spiritual as well as physical shift in my energy and my consciousness. I believe we all feel these shifts but sometimes don’t truly understand the power in them that connects us with each other and with every single thing on this earth and in this universe.

As a spiritual being having a human experience I truly embrace all that this season of renewal brings to our world and me. I am blessed to connect even more deeply when I leave the prickly energy of the metro areas and go to Alaska where there is little manmade static and this connectedness is so profound.
With the fast pace of our lives today it is so easy for these magical times in our lives to slip by unnoticed. We are so busy “connecting” with each other on Facebook, Internet, tweets, TV and movies that we utterly fail to recognize and embrace the real power…. Spirit, Nature or whatever you choose to call it.

My hope for all of you as another season blossoms in our lives is that you make an effort to spend more time connecting with nature and the power of your spirit. Leave behind, when you venture into this great space, your I Phones, headsets, computers and all the busy thoughts. Allow yourself to be renewed and refreshed in those times Give yourself the gift of the peace that comes knowing that you are a powerful spiritual being and it all comes from inside us when we connect with our source.



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