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Hi All,
I wanted to share a recent article about us as published in our local paper. I thought it did justice to our message and our passion for attracting more people to join us for the adventure of a lifetime. Comments and feedback are invited.

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HI Folks,

I’ve been very busy in the past few weeks working with new and existing outfitters to provide different, exciting activities for upcoming trips that I hope you’ll join us for next year.
One of the adventures we’ve added is the opportunity to actually hike on a glacier. There are literally tens of thousand of glaciers explored and unexplored in Alaska and we’re fortunate to have several here in the Valdez areas that are accessible by land or water.

One of these is the beautiful Worthington Glacier located 30 miles from Valdez in the Thompson Pass area. A relatively young glacier, Worthington is like most other glaciers currently in retreat, moving steadily back more than a mile from it’s maximum distance while continuing to build up depth as huge snowfalls come to the Chugach Mountains each year

The glacier is situated so that a moderate hike will get you to the face, where you can observe beautiful blue ice, numerous water falls that come from mountain snow melt as well as the streams that surge thru and under the glacier.
With a little more effort we take a steeper rock trail up the east side until we are in position to put on our helmets and crampons and step on to the ice.

We slowly begin our hike up as we get used to the crampons and begin noticing the beautiful formations and crevasse’s that make up the glaciers surface. Ever careful of where we’re stepping we ascend to where the people below on the observation platform or hiking to the face look like ants

On the Glacier

We enjoy stunning views as guides explain how glaciers are formed, the complex nature of a glacier and the ebbs and flows that occur over the millennium with sun, rain, wind and snow. They are truly amazing, living entities that can tell a story even to the untrained eye.

As my clients and I were making our way back down the glacier one of them spotted something is a small stream of water. It turned out to be a Go Pro camera the type that’s worn on the body to record all the action.

That night we took out the card and put it in the computer to see what it contained. It showed folks whitewater rafting and then shots of the glacier. They were apparently putting the camera under water into a crevasse to see what was there when it came loose and sunk to the bottom. The camera records they’re efforts to retrieve it but they fail as, finally, does the battery.

The really interesting thing is that the date shows that all this took place four years ago in 2009. The glacier activity was such that over that period of time the ice around the crevasse was changed in such a way that the camera was brought to the surface, and washed down to where my client picked it up.

This was a totally unexpected event and we were really excited about the find. It also gave us a deeper insight as to the behavior of the glacier over even a short time frame. I’m looking forward to hiking there again in the next few days to see what has changed since just week ago.

Hope all of you are well and enjoying your summer. I look forward to the opportunity to have you join us in the future.



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Hi Folks,

Wow, can’t believe its spring once again…how the Universe speeds us thru time today. Throughout my life, especially when I was younger Spring meant shedding the winter clothes, melting piles of remaining snow turned ugly with cinders and debris, longer, warmer days and of course the oncoming summer with all it’s fun and

Alaska in the spring is alive!

Alaska in the spring is alive!

sun and vacations and maybe romances. As I’ve matured both physically and spiritually I’ve come to feel the passing of seasons very differently. They not only mark the physical passage of time in my life but have me connected in different ways to the magic of the Universe and Mother Earth. Spring is a very powerful Season, at least for me. It’s a time when a slumbering energy is waking up and bringing renewal to all the inhabitants of our Earth. Flowers bloom, trees leaf out, rain comes, sunshine increases. All without any help from us…amazing.

I know for me that as the days start to lengthen even imperceptibly in late December and early January that there is a spiritual as well as physical shift in my energy and my consciousness. I believe we all feel these shifts but sometimes don’t truly understand the power in them that connects us with each other and with every single thing on this earth and in this universe.

As a spiritual being having a human experience I truly embrace all that this season of renewal brings to our world and me. I am blessed to connect even more deeply when I leave the prickly energy of the metro areas and go to Alaska where there is little manmade static and this connectedness is so profound.
With the fast pace of our lives today it is so easy for these magical times in our lives to slip by unnoticed. We are so busy “connecting” with each other on Facebook, Internet, tweets, TV and movies that we utterly fail to recognize and embrace the real power…. Spirit, Nature or whatever you choose to call it.

My hope for all of you as another season blossoms in our lives is that you make an effort to spend more time connecting with nature and the power of your spirit. Leave behind, when you venture into this great space, your I Phones, headsets, computers and all the busy thoughts. Allow yourself to be renewed and refreshed in those times Give yourself the gift of the peace that comes knowing that you are a powerful spiritual being and it all comes from inside us when we connect with our source.



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